MI 25 D Forklift Truck

Lifting Capacity: 2500kg

Lifting Height: 6.50m

Weight: 4000kg

Height: 2.19m

Engine: Yanmar 3A

Width: 1.16m

Length: 3.69m


The MI 25 D diesel industrial forklift truck with over 2 500 kg lift capacity is ideal for all industrial applications up to 3.39 metres high.


Special Features:

Reduce user fatigue and boost performance with Manitou forklift trucks Manitou has taken decades of user experience and focused it into its ultra-modern forklift truck range. By doing this, we found that operator comfort plays an essential role in determining workers’ daily output. The Manitou forklift truck range features unique industry-firsts in ergonomics such as contoured seats with seatbelts, extra foot well space, advanced cab heating, and well-positioned mount and unmount handles. Other Manitou forklift truck features include:

  • Non-slip steps on either side of the cab
  • Improved visibility with a wide mast opening
  • Open roof design
  • Profiled rear pillars (for easier reversing)
  • Rear headlights placed on top of
  • Protective roof