CI 20 Order Picker

Lifting Capacity: 2000kg

Weight: 1450kg

Width: 0.80m

Length: 2.60m


With a high lifting capacity of up to 2 000 kilograms, the CI 20 order picker makes direct pallet access easy!


Special Features:

Optimise your warehouse with a Manitou’s order picker! Picking processes in any warehouse environment is an important part of the supply- chain and also the most costly activity. With Manitou’s order picker range you can cut down costs and drastically simplify this management process with the order picker’s easy operating functions. Ideal for any warehouse operation, the order picker range is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance! The ergonomic design of the order picker range helps with easy manoeuvrability, and the comfortable seating optimises productivity. Manitou provides premium services, from full maintenance contracts that assure customers fixed costs and maximum uptime, to quick call out response times