160 ATJ +

Lifting Capacity: 400kg

Lifting Height: 14.21m

Weight: 8100kg

Height: 2.37m

Engine: Kubota Stage 3A

The Manitou 160 ATJ+ diesel-powered articulated platform has a loading capacity that is unique on the market: 400 kg. It can hold 3 operators and up to 160 kg of material. It has an up and over clearance of 7 m and provides a working height of up to 16.25 m and a horizontal outreach of more than 10 m.

Special Features:

Equipped with a large platform with three entrances and plenty of storage space for equipment, the 160 ATJ + is really suited to work requiring several operators. This articulated access platform is suitable for all handling and maintenance work. Its high ground clearance combined with 4-wheel drive and steering will allow you to clear obstacles and as a result work outdoors on uneven and difficult ground.