Lifting Capacity: 4000kg

Lifting Height: 15.80m

Weight: 13000kg

Power: 101ch

Height: 2.97m

Engine: Perkins

Width: 2.40m

Length: 6.36m





The MRT-X 1640 Easy Telehandler with a high load capacity 4 000 kg and a high reach up to 15.8 metres, and with 400° rotation for max. operator visibility. The MRT-X range of rotational telehandlers from Manitou are ideal for all industries. Equipped with 4 individually operated stabilisers, this MRT-X range can master all terrains and increase your levels of safety from one fixed point.


Special Features:

Telehandler attachments Manitou provides a range of fork, crane / jib and platform attachments for the MRT-X telehandlers, enabling customers to make maximum use of the machines’ high-capacity 400° lift to enhance their materials handling performance. The MRT-X telehandler attachment range includes:

  • Forks
  • Cranes / Jibs
  • Platforms

These attachments and the range of telehandler attachments can be customised according to application if required. Fully equipped with an array of safety-enhancing machine features, the MRT-X 1640 Easy ensures a more productive, more efficient and safer site operation. The versatility of this machine, which can be enhanced through Manitou’s fork, crane / jib and platform attachments, positions this telehandler as an important part of material handling applications in the construction industry.